First technical post!?

1. How will you find n largest pair (a[i], b[j]) from two sorted array A and B

What I mean is .. There are two arrays A and B of length N each and both the arrays are sorted in descending order … Now we need to find the N largest pairs (a[i]+b[j]) from A and B.

Simply putting it is same as finding all the possible n^2 (a[i]+b[j]) combinations of sums from both the arrays and sorting them and them give back the first N numbers. 😉

2. You are given 2 dice. One of the dice is numbered 1 to 6. What should the other die be numbered so that when you roll the two dice the probability of getting a sum in the range 1-12 is same i.e probability of getting sum 1,2,…..12 is equal.

Note: The sum should be only within the range 1 – 12, no other values are permitted.

One thought on “First technical post!?

  1. hmm..
    looks like this is better..
    Like MERGE in merge sort,
    take every next two element and sum it. repeat this N times.
    MERGE method will put the elements in sorted order. In this case, get the bigger element of the 2 sets and find the next bigger element of the 2 sets. sum it up..u have highest sum in ur N elements(array in the answer). Do the same thing for remaining N-1 elemnts.

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