Intern’s day at Yahoo! SDC, Bangalore

This is video of the Intern’s day at Yahoo! Software development center, Bangalore. This is when I was doing internship at Yahoo! during Jan 2008 – June 2008. I took part in a MIME show and did some mimicry in which I immitated Sunil Pal, Indian Laughter challenge fame :-). It was a fantastic time I had with all my BITSian friends at Y!.

In the video below I am the one who is a Telugu film star, who swaped his job with a Waiter 🙂

Find the height of the tree

You are given an array of length N. The array stores information about an n-ary tree. And the n-ary tree has N-nodes numbered 0 – (N-1).The ith index in the array contains the parent nodes number j. Given this array find the height of the tree. The parent of the root is -1

It would be good to solve this problem in O(n).