Internet Explorer 9 Beta Review

I have been long waiting for the new version of Internet Explorer – IE 9. Ever since I had a look at the IE 9 blog where the IE team mentioned that IE is going through a re-architecture, supporting HTML 5/CSS 3, the various test demos that are presented, the 95/100 acid test result etc actually made me very excited.

Today when I happened to go through the, I realized that there is Beta version of IE 9 available on BeautyOfWeb. I couldnt resist myself from installing IE 9 on my Windows 7 machine. And the first impression I got after I launched it is awesome. Very simple UI, fast than ever, handy short cuts which I used very frequently in FF and Chrome. Over all looked pretty cool.

Me being involved into web development, where in we test our product on various browsers for compatibility, the second thing after installing the browser is I checked the Developer Tools. The IE 8 used to crash when you refresh a page with Developer Tools opened. I checked if the behavior repeated and the answer is Yes, but its not that frequent as it used to be on previous versions. And I think there are some additional features that are being provided in the Developer Tools of IE9 [Eg: Network tab similar to Net tab in Firebug].

And there is one more thing I would like to add, I have gone through a couple of videos today on how Bing is levaraging HTML 5/CSS 3 to provide some cool stuff on IE 9 which they claim to roll out in a month. One of the cool feature being the background image on the Bing home page is no more just a static image but can be a video/an Interactive image.

Since I haven’t had my hands on WindowsPhone 7 I cant comment much about it. But what ever I saw from the demos it sure looks great 🙂

Cool Stuff Microsoft. I liked it.

To download IE 9 Beta Visit : BeautyOfWeb

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