ThoughtWorks Interview process – Part 2

After a considerable amount of time TW got back saying my assignment has been accepted by the interview panel and asked me to come over to their office for face-to-face interview discussion.

In the office I had the following rounds:

1. First one is a code pairing round. In this round you will be asked to explain your assignment logic and then you would be provided with an extension to the problem you solved. The good thing I have done is I took care of the extension already in my submitted solution :). The one who took the interview was awesome at design. Was giving me pointers every time on how the design can be improved. Enjoyed this pairing round.

2. Then you have a aptitude test which contains 11 questions [one question has 2 parts]. The questions need a lot of concentration [seriously]. You will be given 2 sample questions with solutions at the beginning of the test. Solve them to get an idea of the questions. I scored a 11/11 here [I asked the HR for the score].

3. Next you have a interview panel discussion. Here I was interview by 2 people. This one went really well. They wanted me to be very clear at every point I said so as to make sure I know what I am speaking.

4. The last one, here you will be given 50 questions which you need to answer in 12 mins. You will be said some rules before the start of the test. You do have negative points.

If the things go well, you meet the GM. You will have a discussion with him. Finally you will be asked to take a predictive index survey.

Overall, the interview experience is very good. People are good, interview process looked a bit different/unique compared to a traditional process. They said they would roll out an offer!

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