VMWare Interview Process

Since my college days I have been thinking of getting interviewed with VMWare. Luckily I got a chance recently for the first time. I was very excited when I received a call from VMWare HR. (Surprise!!). When the HR called me, she asked me for a time to schedule the first telephonic, apart from asking for a time slot, I was asked some technical questions as well, like Differences between threads and process, different ways of initializing a thread in Java, differences between stored procedures and functions etc. I think I was able to answer all of them well, at the same time I asked my self, is that really HR or Hiring manager 🙂

The main things that are concentrated in my interview process with VMWare are:

1. Multithreading/Synchronization/race conditions

2. Core Java

3. Serialization concepts

4. Design Patterns

5. Algorithms and coding

6. Trouble shooting

etc. are the ones to mention

Over all I had one telephonic, 3 face-to-face interview and 3 telephonic interview with people from Palo Alto. It was truely an amazing experience. The people are really good and the HR used to provide updates very quickly, I mean to say even before I think of giving them a call I used to get a call from them about the status.

Result : Offer!!

10 thoughts on “VMWare Interview Process

  1. It was good. One round was more focused on concurrency (Multithreading/Synchronization/race conditions) If I remember correctly I think its 6th chapter or so in “Operating Systems” text book by Galvin. One round was more on Algorithms and Coding. One was on previous projects, troubleshooting, how you go about debugging issues and again a little bit on synchronization concepts. Since it was about 3 years ago, I can remember only this much.

  2. hello sir,this is vaishnavi from sastra university.i am pursuing 3rd year bioinformatics.I am very much interested in VMWare.As of now i am in 6th sem,so thought of preparing for placements .can i have ur mail id?it makes me feel free to contact u regarding placements.I have learnt perl java mysql currently i am learning php too.

    1. I am not sure of the curriculum of BioInformatics. My suggestions for campus placements for VMWare interviews would be – Be good at Operating Systems fundamentals (Those chapters on threads, semaphores, concurrency, deadlocks, file systems etc) (Silberschatz), Data structures and Algorithms. Be strong in one programming language (I prefer to say be good at C Programming – specially pointers). Try solving standard interview question, keep coding.One language is sufficient, dont try to learn many, its good to know the basics of others but i wouldnt bother if you dont know many of others. Being strong in one lang is more than sufficient. Basic knowledge in DBMS (normalization, ACID properties, etc). As far as the campus interview are considered, you should be shortlisted through written test (I dont know how the tests are these days) so for that you should have good aptitude (practise RS agarwal book). My best wishes. Good luck

  3. quick question, i interviewed in HQ, whole day, but did not meet hiring manager (he did initial phone screen) also they have not asked me to fill out application form so far. the interview went pretty well. but are these bad signs

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