Cloud load testing with Visual Studio Online

This post has been long delayed from me. I have been working on Cloud Load Testing (CLT) with Visual Studio Online (VSO) for close to an year and half and it has been a great learning curve. Got an opportunity to work on various areas like Scalability, building frameworks to understand the service usage, integrating with other VSO services, building service dashboard and making my hands dirty building UI. A fun ride. A really proud thing is that this product is completely built ground up in Microsoft IDC, Hyderabad.

Cloud Load Testing Service in short:

The service will greatly reduce the amount of work required in setting up the infra-structure for load testing an application, configuring it with right settings and maintaining the environment.With CLT in place, the service will take care of setting up the agents, deploying your tests, and running your tests automatically, so you can just focus on what matters the most – finding and fixing performance and scale related problems in your application.

I am going to point to a series of good links to explore about CLT

1. Super Simple Load Test Trial Experience announced by Brian Harry – With this announcement customers can do a Load Test from Visual Studio Online ( experience is visible as of today to only users with MSDN Ultimate License. In case you don’t have an Ultimate license you still get a view of the experience from this Channel 9 Video demo’d by Chuck – Load Testing Made Easier

2. Brian Harry announcing about CLT – We all watched this demo with lot of excitement 🙂

3. Load Test your App – MSDN Article

4. CLT General Availability note 🙂

– This link has various links to getting started docs

– With the release of GA, customers can monitoring metrics from their Applications under test using Application Insights and quickly troubleshoot any performance issues.

5. Link to a good video

You get 15000 VUser minutes if you have an account on VSO. Do try out and share your feedback.

Note: All the text in this blog is written by me and my employer holds no responsibility 😛

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