Learning Blockchain

A few days back, when I was looking at my LinkedIn profile, I got a recommendation to learn “Blockchain Basics”. Given that the course was for an hour I could finish it. Though it was a good introduction, the course made me curious (of course left me confused leaving so many questions :P). Today I happened to watch a video by Mark Russinovich (CTO of Microsoft Azure) which gave a very good technical information of Blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum, COCO framework etc.

This blog is to share pointers to the getting started with blockchain.

  1. Introduction to Blockchain by Mark Russinovich – This is definitely a must watch video.
  2. Blockchain basics on LinkedIn – This got me started with Blockchain.
  3. How did Satoshi manage to mine bitcoins as the first user – Thank god there is an answer to this. I had the same question as you need to do some proof of work for transactions to earn bitcoins (as per my initial understanding). This post gave an answer how you can earn.
  4. What is a smart contract? – This is a pretty well written blog. I liked the analogy with buying movie tickets which made it easier to understand the concept better.

I should probably find more time to explore ethereum and solidity and try out to create a small ICO on my private cluster as shown by Mark in his video.

Blockchain is pretty exciting.


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