Experience working in Azure DevOps team

I have been working with Azure DevOpsย for the last 6 years and it has been an amazing experience. I have been part of the team since it was called TFS Online, then VS Online, then VSTS and now Azure DevOps Services. As I have joined new team, I wanted to recollect some of my memories.

  1. I still remember the day I joined Visual Studio team when we were developing Visual Studio 2013 (it was still under development). We use the earlier version of VS to build the next version and I was thrilled about it (using VS to build VS :)).
  2. Our team owned the Load test framework which was part of VS Ultimate SKU. I felt proud that we are one of the key contributors to the revenue ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. I have done improvements in the Load test framework.
  4. After a couple of months, we started building Cloud Load Test Serviceย – this is the first Azure DevOps services built from Hyderabad and it was great experience to be part of it.
    1. As part of this team, I worked on initial scale improvements to meet our preview goals.
    2. Worked in building telemetry collection, analysis and building dashboards.
    3. Built experiences in VS for configuring and viewing Application Insights data.
    4. Built the first user experience in Azure DevOps Portal for CLT
    5. Built key experiences in Microsoft Azure Portal for Load testing Azure App Service.
  5. After spending a good 4 years in building CLT, moved to Release Management aka Azure Pipelines.
    1. Built key experiences:
      1. Azure App Service CD โ€“ Connect 2016
      2. Azure DevOps Project โ€“ Connect 2017
      3. Azure Kubernetes support in Azure DevOps โ€“ Build 2018
    2. Gained deep understanding of Azure Portal architecture.
  6. Feel really proud of receiving good awards and recognition.

Made good number of friends, had a great time with team outings (Lonavala, Kerala, Goa), worked with real best brains, great technologies (we being the developer services org need to maintain the best practices), fantastic managers, even better management.

Pretty amazing time, memories to stick for a very long time.

I am moving to a team in Microsoft 365 which has very interesting challenges and they work at a massive scale. Hope to have a good learning curve in the new team.