AppJam Event

Today I happened to attend the AppJam event at IIM- Bangalore.

What is AppJam as per what is mentioned in the site :

AppJam is India’s first of its kind event to showcase the best of mobile apps. It brings together various stakeholders of mobile app business ecosystem. At AppJam know about how to market and monetize mobile apps from industry experts, experience the mobile apps and vote for tommorow’s top mobile application.

Though I dont know the name of the anchor in the event. The way he started and made people involved was very impressive. The first presentation in the event started with Atul Chitnis, one of India’s best known tech guy. He started with how to change your mind set if you want to become a “mobile applications developer”, who should be the target audience, how to monetize etc etc. It was really informative. Then followed with a panel discussion where in the panel member (mentioned here) gave more insight into what challenges one would face right from starting an app to deploying in a AppsStore or what ever place. One of the panel members wanted developers to be very positive, understand how would one receive that app and a very interesting question like “Would you, the one who developed app, like to buy the app which you built for the price which you are willing to sell to an End customer?”. If the answer is NO. End it there!. I heard that NOKIA is going to come up with a good way to help developer writing apps.

Then many participants show cased their applications and explained its use. Of course they were given a time span of just 3 mins to show case.

During the course of the events, many of the attendies were asked to write their ides over a board. After lunch session people who wrote ideas are asked to present them within a minute, I mean overview of the app :). It was a funny session where in the audience are provided with stress balls to hits the presenter if he/she says about an already existing app or his app is boring or takes more than 1 min :). I too gave an Idea of an app 🙂

After this I left the place to join my friends in Cricket. Unfortunately the rain God drenched me completely before I reached home!

Thats it for now! 🙂