VMWare Interview Process

Since my college days I have been thinking of getting interviewed with VMWare. Luckily I got a chance recently for the first time. I was very excited when I received a call from VMWare HR. (Surprise!!). When the HR called me, she asked me for a time to schedule the first telephonic, apart from asking for a time slot, I was asked some technical questions as well, like Differences between threads and process, different ways of initializing a thread in Java, differences between stored procedures and functions etc. I think I was able to answer all of them well, at the same time I asked my self, is that really HR or Hiring manager 🙂

The main things that are concentrated in my interview process with VMWare are:

1. Multithreading/Synchronization/race conditions

2. Core Java

3. Serialization concepts

4. Design Patterns

5. Algorithms and coding

6. Trouble shooting

etc. are the ones to mention

Over all I had one telephonic, 3 face-to-face interview and 3 telephonic interview with people from Palo Alto. It was truely an amazing experience. The people are really good and the HR used to provide updates very quickly, I mean to say even before I think of giving them a call I used to get a call from them about the status.

Result : Offer!!