Getting started with Big Data

Recently I have developed a lot of interest in learning Big Data and started exploring different learnings. I will provide links to some of the good resources I came across here, so that this would be a good starting point. I would request readers to suggest any additional readings in the comments.

1. Getting Started with Microsoft Big Data – From Microsoft Virtual Academy. This training has good introduction to using Windows Azure HDInsight. The sessions walk you through running MapReduce Jobs, Hive etc. These sessions a little out dated but you will get an Idea

2. Getting started with Windows Azure HDInsight : This has the latest documentation with up to date information on HDInsight.

The above two links are from Microsoft Technologies.

3. Yahoo! Hadoop Tutorial : This has a very good description of Hadoop Architecture

4. Apart from these, there are good courses on Coursera (Data Science, this is a very good course to get an idea of various Big Data solutions), Cloudera Training

5. Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce: This is a course on Udacity. Very quick to finish. Really nice one.

6. Map Reduce – A really simple Introduction – here

Please do suggest any good references that would help me and other readers.

Intern’s day at Yahoo! SDC, Bangalore

This is video of the Intern’s day at Yahoo! Software development center, Bangalore. This is when I was doing internship at Yahoo! during Jan 2008 – June 2008. I took part in a MIME show and did some mimicry in which I immitated Sunil Pal, Indian Laughter challenge fame :-). It was a fantastic time I had with all my BITSian friends at Y!.

In the video below I am the one who is a Telugu film star, who swaped his job with a Waiter 🙂